3-6/9,Narsingi Heights & Village

Rajendra Nagar Mandal R.R Dist.Hyderabad-500089

Who we are

Lekkala Constructions Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Lekkala Purushothama Naidu in 2009 with the objective of flawlessly executing engineering contracts and guaranteeing excellence in client services. The company was renamed Lekcon Infra Pvt. Ltd. to emphasize our commitment and dedication to Infrastructure projects. 

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Lekcon Infra  has a larger family of 540+ employees stationed across the country to ensure the time-efficient delivery of quality services. As a company, we provide you the advantageous combination of the established presence of a local firm and the strength, stability and resources of a national company. 

Lekcon Infra places paramount importance on gathering an understanding of local issues and ensuring that they are amicably addressed. We derive our strength from our employees and shareholders, and in turn the company accords the highest priority to their growth. With our strengths in strong client relationships, a talented workforce, and our impeccable reputation in quality and project management, we aspire to attain a leadership position in the infrastructure industry.

Our Company


"to be a leading infrastructure organisation that always strives to execute the highest standard of projects in an economical and time-based manner"

- To maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity and honesty
- To maintain highest commitment to safety and environmental standards.
Core Values:
- “Honesty, fairness and integrity”- This helps us build strong and loyal client relationships
- “Empowerment, responsibility and accountability”- We believe in individual empowerment such that our workers are responsible in their tasks and goals. As a company, we ensure accountability for our actions.
- “Update and Reinvent”- We constantly update and reinvent our processes in the execution and monitoring of projects in our pursuit of excellence.